Sunday, April 25, 2010

You Can't Defy Gravity!

Before starting this project I was advised to take a picture of something pertaining to my favorite unit of physics. By this time in the year we had practically covered the whole book. Looking back through all of the chapters I realized that my favorite unit was the one covering forces. Forces were a board and extensive topic. Thinking of the picture I would take I tried to think of my favorite force. Finally I narrowed it down to gravity. Gravity is my favorite because it is a force you can’t change. You can have the tension force in one situation but not in another, gravity is always there a constant. But what situation illustrated gravity best, since it was everywhere. Finally I choose the very simple idea of throwing a ball into the air. My picture of a ball being thrown into the air has two forces acting on it gravity and air resistance. As the ball goes upwards and then downwards these forces are always acting on it. The earth is attracting the ball back towards itself. The weight of the ball times 9.8 m/s^2(the acceleration due to gravity) equals how much force is pulling the ball down. The second force, air resistance, is only there in a small amount, because the ball is small and not traveling at a high speed. Air resistance is working in the opposite direction of the object. 

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  1. You did a nice job with your picture.
    The physics is correct but I would like to see that you re-write your essay putting more care in your grammar and the construction of sentences. For example: "Finally, I choice"